hello friend...i'm a Seattle based portrait, event and commercial photographer with a passion for travel around the beautiful Northwest and beyond. please take a peek around my site and at my latest travels below in my journal. i also love creating custom artwork for clients - if you see an image that sparks your interest i can build a custom frame for it to hang in your office, home or treehouse. or even your Airstream.


Deep in the Alpine Lake Wilderness lies a body of water that’s different from any other lake I’ve witnessed. Spectacle Lake is an absolute gem and more than worthy of a strenuous hike. I knew the window of good weather was closing here in the Northwest so I found a patch of consecutive sunny days in mid September to make the journey.

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“Ooooh, the EnCHAAAAANTments…” Yes i’ve heard about the Enchantments for years, and the obligatory oohs and aahs that always accompany the experience people describe hiking here. To me it’s felt a like a pipe dream; after entering the permit lottery for years to camp I’ve never won. (not too surprising given it’s about a 6% chance of winning).

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Island camping had been on my bucket list for a long time, and living in the Pacific Northwest certainly increases the odds with a large number of island parks with campgrounds. I had heard of Saddlebag Island located just off of the port town of Anacortes (about 90 minutes north of Seattle) as a good ‘starter’ island with well maintained campsites for both boaters and paddlers. I gave my hockey mate Adam a shout and we picked a toasty July day for the adventure.

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