Okay, you just a big fat camera for your birthday and you have no clue how to use it.   The manual's 120 pages long and there's no way you're going to use it.  So why struggle when you can hire a pro that loves to teach and start taking incredible shots right away?  Here's a few different packages to choose from:


:: 2 hour package: 120.00

We’ll go over the functions of your camera for the first part of the lesson, including learning the basics of apeture and shutter speed.  We’ll then go out in the field and apply those lessons and learn the fundamentals of lighting, exposure and composition.   


:: 3 hour package: 175.00

Same as the 2 hour package, but we’ll have an extra hour to explore different types of photography..including portraits, landscape, macro, action or whatever you’d like to focus on. 


:: 4 hour package: 250.00

Same as the 3 hour package, but we’ll use that extra hour either in the field shooting, or learning basic editing techniques on the computer using Photoshop or a similar editing program.