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I’ll be honest…I have very close, personal relationship with coffee.  So when Brittany and Wes asked me to start their engagement portrait session at a cafe, it made sense to me.  It may be a cliche but we Seattlites do love our coffee for a multitude of reason, but one is the great way in which it connects us…just like how Brittany and Wes first met. Read more!
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The Frye Art Museum is a Seattle treasure: not only is it free to the public but every exhibit I’ve seen is wonderfully crafted and the variety of work is stunning…it’s always a joy when they reach out to me for photography.  This time I got to cover the opening gala for three new exhibits including Pan, a graphic journal by a collective of artists in Berlin that helped document a sea change of art from the modern to expressionism during the late 1800s.  Here’s a few shots from the evening. To learn more about these exhibitions, please visit the Frye’s website at: http://fryemuseum.org   Read more!
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Percy’s & Co. over in Ballard offers delicious comfort southern & creole food for the appetite, including a very photogenic shrimp and grits (as pictured below), and my favorite: pickled fried okra.  It was a bit of a challenge finding a good spot with some natural light (the whole restaurant is mostly backlit by a single window), but managed to get some good snaps of the food, and some fun action shots of their oyster happy hour (um, delicious).  Bonus points for the awesome folk duo who played during brunch.   Read more!
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the Stranger likes to give me challenging assignments, and being a glutton for adventure i’ll always oblige.  for this assignment they asked for an overhead shot of a construction site to feature on the cover.  i decided to put a shout on facebook to see who could help me find a location, and a friend offered his building as a spot.  so i hopped the lightrail downtown and found myself ascending to the top of the Viktoria building, a stylish condo in the heart of belltown.  as i stepped out onto their rooftop patio on the 24th floor, my fear of heights started to kick in.  i was practically crawling towards the rail (which i swear wasn’t taller than my navel), and managed to reach over the ledge to get a clear shot of the crane perched above the city.  very glad i brought my fisheye lens to really capture the whole scene. to read more about the cover and article in the Stranger, visit here: http://www.thestranger.com/issues/21563013/2015-01-28 Read more!
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i’m not much a christmas fan, but watching the end of the Nutcracker performance instantly put me in the mood.  and the score from tchaikovsky is stunning…some of my most favorite classical music.  this was the final production of the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet featuring the famous (and infamous) set design pieces created by Maurice Sendak, and choreographed by Kent Stowell.  they asked me to photograph the end of the performance, but more importantly the breakdown of the massive set pieces (an amazing orchestration all by itself), and the crating and storing of all the costumes and decor. to read more about this story, please visit the Stranger article at: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2015/01/08/rest-in-pieces-scenes-from-the-permanent-tear-down-of-the-sendakstowell-nutcracker Read more!